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Over 150 years of community-driven faith

First Congregational Church has been a staple in the Walla Walla community since its founding in 1864.

Statement of Identity

We are a congregation of diverse Christian believers empowered by love and guided by the Holy Spirit. It is our mission to enable personal spiritual growth, collective outreach to the community, and stewardship of God's creation. We are an open and affirming church. Because of who you are and where you are on life's journey, YOU are welcome here!

Open and Affirming Covenant

The United Church of Christ is a non-creedal and non-dogmatic church.  As a progressive church, we are open to new ideas and are accepting of the ideas and behavior of others.  We learn from each other as well as from our ancestors in faith. We truly believe there is much more truth to break forth from God's Word.
As an Open and Affirming Congregation of the United Church of Christ, we are a diverse group of people who have known the joy of having been accepted and affirmed by God and by one another.  Our congregation is made up of persons of different ages, education, races, abilities, and sexual orientations.  We hold varying theological and political beliefs and come from different socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds.  As a church community, we celebrate and find strength in that diversity and view it as a way to understand the inclusiveness of God's love.

Historical Documents for History Buffs!

When our church turned 150 years old, we researched and documented the early years of faith in Walla Walla. Read the fascinating history of First Congregational Church in The Phoenix Rises, The Forgotten Church, and Pumps, Pianos, Peddles, and Pies
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