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children and youth

Our middle and high school youth are invited to participate in the Pilgrim Fellowship (PF), the traditional name for our Youth Groups. Outings, social times, and more are offered. We also offer the OWL program (Our Whole Lives) for high schoolers - click here for information on the OWL program

Our children's Sunday School program is a one-room schoolhouse model for ages 4 - 5th grade. Children under four may attend if accompanied by a parent.


The children begin their time in the service with their families. After the Children's Message we go as a group up to the third floor to our classroom. Parents may pick their child/ren up in the classroom after the service. 


OUR GOALS for the children each Sunday:

  • To make their Sunday mornings fun and meaningful. 

  • To provide opportunities to build friendships.

  • To give them experience serving as leaders performing various roles during class.

  • To provide ways for them to experience how God is always present and active in their lives.

  • To provide lessons that support them spiritually.

  • To help them know that they are loved just as they are.

  • To teach them about the values that are dear to this church community.



  • Sacred safety--all staff and volunteers are screened and trained.

  • Honoring and respecting the unique expression of each child.

  • Teaching life-enhancing and positive progressive Christian values.

  • Partnering with parents to support faith development and to be a resource for them. 


  • Please "potty" your child before service. Our bathroom facilities are on a different floor and it takes time away from class to make the trip.

  •  If your children participate in our program, please fill out a registration form so that we may meet their unique needs and connect with you. 

  • Consider serving as a volunteer in our program. It's a great way to be involved in your child's spiritual growth and development. No experience is necessary: training and support are provided. Parents make the best teachers!

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